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This James Beard award-winning series is a mouth-watering mixture of food, culture and travel.

From spicy biryani in South India and bustling farmers markets in Mexico, to soy sauce factories in Hong Kong, self-professed food lovers across the globe are bursting with new culinary tales to share. With the breadth of international travel combined with a passion for food, Food Lover's Guide to the Planet delivers a unique cultural look at the world; it is a complete food fair. The series dives into the diverse realm of the world's greatest cuisine, from New Zealand's purest honey to Italy's famous Parmigiano Reggiano. Infused with "green" elements, the delicious series reveals examples of sustainable farming and fishing, as well as new efforts to cultivate organic dairy, meat, and plant products.

Bộ phim hoàn toàn đúng nghĩa với tiêu đề, nhất là đối với các bạn Việt Nam chúng ta, ẩm thực là 1 phần không thể thiếu trong đời sống văn hóa. Các bạn sẽ được đi dạo vòng quanh khắp Thế Giới, thưởng thức những nền văn hóa ẩm thực nổi tiếng...Và sẽ tích lũy được thêm nhiều kiến thức thú vị, nhất là đối với những người mê ẩm thực và du lịch.
Bộ phim gồm 33 tập kèm đầy đủ phụ đề Việt ngữ.

Biên tập và chia sẻ : HoaiTrung - KhoHD

Các Tập:
Baja California - Vùng Baja California
Bread - Bánh mì
Catch of the Day - Mẻ lưới trong ngày
Coming To Italy - Đến nước Ý
Community Power - Sức mạnh cộng đồng
Cow Cuisine - Đặc sản thịt bò
Digital Critics - Bình luận số
Eating Montrteal - Ẩm thực Montreal
Fancy Fast Food - Đồ ăn nhanh ngon
Farm To Fork - Từ trang trại đến bàn ăn
Food Magic - Phép màu ẩm thực
Grill Masters - Chuyên gia về nướng
Hawaiian Fusion - Ẩm thực đa phong cách Hawaii
Hi Tech Taste - Mùi vị công nghệ cao
Hong Kong : Ẩm thực Hồng Kông
India - Ẩm thực Ấn Độ
Korean Code - Ẩm thực Triều Tiên
New Zealand - Ẩm thực New Zealand
Oaxaca Style - Phong cách Oaxaca
Peppers Planet - Hành tinh ớt
Southern Cookin' USA - Ẩm thực miền Nam Mỹ
Taste Of Chile - Hương vị Chi Lê
Taste of Tasmania - Hương vị Tasmania
The Spice Road - Con đường gia vị
Traditions - Các món ăn truyền thống
Turkish Delights - Kẹo Gôm Thổ Nhĩ Kì
Tuscan Basics - Các món Tuscan cơ bản
Taste Of Viet Nam - Hương Vị Việt Nam
Cocktail Artists - Nghệ Sĩ Cocktail
Making Sense - Tạo Hương Vị
Sweet Tooth - Những Người Mê Đồ Ngọt
The New French Revolution - Cuộc Cách Mạng Mới Của Pháp



  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Farm To Fork
    Sourcing locally give benefits to both the farmers and the chefs. We can get fresher produce and this can also help to increase the sustainability.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Korean Code
    Korean Code examines the technique of making kimchi, profiles northern cuisine, visits an exotic mushroom farm, and explores Royal Court cuisine.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Taste Of Tasmania
    Tasmania is fast becoming a food utopia. The island's natural resources and climate becomes one of the world’s leading producers of luxury foods.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Turkish Delights
    During the holy month of Ramadan, Istanbul held an iftar feast, which gives Hülya Eksigil and her friends a taste of the dessert dolmas and güllaç.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: The New French Revolution
    Travel to France for a look at some young chefs who reinterpreted the classics. Meet the renowned creator of exotic pastry with international flavors.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: New Zealand
    With about 10,000 miles of unspoiled coastline, in relative isolation from the world, New Zealand is a perfect place for growing fresh, organic food.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: India
    Is the secret in its spices or its people? From Kerala's seafood to Chennai's sambars, South India is a veritable spice rack of cultures and cuisines
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Making Scents
    Chefs, scientists and perfumers from around the world explore the impact of fragrance on flavor.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Food Magic
    Trompe l'oeil - a form of illusion - is a technique of tricking the eye and the palette into a unique gastronomic experience.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Grill Masters
    Take a look at a wide range of grilling traditions and techniques from Wisconsin to Morocco.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Cow Cuisine
    Travel to southwest Tuscany to learn about Maremmane cows. Their full-flavored meat inspires a local specialty: Bollito.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Southern Cookin' USA
    From a traditional pig pickin to the eclectic flavours of southern Jewish cooking, we look at some of North Carolina's diverse culinary traditions.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Sweet Tooth
    At the center of ceremonies, celebrations, rituals and desserts, sweets are a delicious indulgence enjoyed by cultures across the globe.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Taste Of Chile
    From high tea at a dairy farm to a homestyle meal with a local legend, travel through Chile to explore native foods prepared with European influence.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Taste Of Vietnam
    Join foodie,Pham Ha for a whirlwind tour of Hanois caffeine culture. Explore imperial cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City's famous Rex Hotel.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Hi Tech Taste
    From cutting-edge methods to futuristic gear, cooking moves from the kitchen to the lab as scientists develop the tools of the culinary future.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Hong Kong
    For all Hong Kong's modern hustle and bustle, ancient traditions persist and new culinary methods are being forged.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Daily Bread
    At the center of nearly every meal is one simple staple: bread. Travel to New York, India, Tuscany and Paris to learn the art behind creating bread.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Ancient Traditions
    Around the world, different artisans keep the traditions ways of cooking. In this episode we will explore their culinary and cultural heritage.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Oaxaca Style
    Oaxaca, a country preserved a rich culinary tradition. Here, you can explore the complex cooking technique and try the traditional stone soup.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Digital Critics
    Experience the world of the food-obsessed, as four stars of the blogging world share their opinions on all things edible.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Hawaiian Fusion
    Chef Peter Merriman will pioneer a new style of cuisine and brings us to explore the ancient cooking traditions of the Valley of the Kings.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Fancy Fast Food
    From wonton noodles in Hong Kong to tripe sandwiches in Florence, celebrate the glorious bounty of excellent fast food around the world.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Baja California
    A group of farmers, vintners and chefs have, over the last decade, been transforming Baja California into a culinary hotspot comparable to Provençe.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Spanish Roots
    In Andalucía, viewers are taken to the birthplace of classic Spanish dishes such as Jamon Iberico, tapas, sherry, and gazpacho.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Catch Of The Day
    Over-fishing has caused a widespread decline in sea life. Look at some of the eco-friendly methods that some fishermen used to harness the sea.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Cocktail Artists
    Learn how scientific analysis can blend flavors for some of the UKs best drinks and also the art of hand-crafted artisanal spirits.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Coming To Italy
    Go behind the scenes with one of America’s most celebrated and award-winning chefs, Paul Bartolotta - a master of authentic rustic Italian food.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: The Spice Road
    We will explore the sophisticated cooking traditions of India and Vietnam, with their abundant use of spices and natural produce.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Community Power
    In this episode, Vietnamese street kids are empowered through the craft of cooking; and a Vermont town is revitalized with self-sustainable farming.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Tuscan Basics
    In this episode, a Tuscan grill master shares his secrets; a baker perfects the Tuscan salt less bread; and a vendor shows us Florentine style food.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Pepper Planet
    In this episode we head to Mexico to visit a pepper guru’s farm, and find chili marmalade on the edge of Turkey.
  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet: Eating Montreal
    On today's menu, hunting and gathering their way across the wild, Montreal's chefs are redefining the meaning of eating local.
    Full 33 Part in 1080i HDTV.
    Audio English - Vietnamese HardSub 

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