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 Enter the New Year by going “Back to the Future” in Clash of the Continents, a two-part documentary that casts its lens into the formation of the next great Supercontinent, 250 million years ahead through the eyes of a prodigal explorer who has returned to Earth and is searching for fossilised evidence of Man.

The Killers may have sung about a Spaceman not so long ago…Imagine one returning to Earth 250 million years into the future.  Everything he remembers will be gone: wiped away by the tectonic, climatic and geological forces that shape our world.  In its place, a Supercontinent - created as all the Earth’s landmasses drift back together over time.  To find out what happens to man, our spaceman searches for a city like New Orleans, buried in the flood.  There, he may find the fossilised remains of a New Orleans bar, frozen in time when the levees finally failed. Bourbon Street...

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