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Food Lover's Guide To The Planet

Cẩm Nang Du Lịch Cho Người Mê Ẩm Thực  
33 Tập - Phụ đề Việt Ngữ
Full 33 Part in 1080i HDTV
Audio English - Vietnamese HardSub

This James Beard award-winning series is a mouth-watering mixture of food, culture and travel.

From spicy biryani in South India and bustling farmers markets in Mexico, to soy sauce factories in Hong Kong, self-professed food lovers across the globe are bursting with new culinary tales to share. With the breadth of international travel combined with a passion for food, Food Lover's Guide to the Planet delivers a unique cultural look at the world; it is a complete food fair. The series dives into the diverse realm of the world's greatest cuisine, from New Zealand's purest honey to Italy's famous Parmigiano Reggiano. Infused with "green" elements, the delicious series reveals examples of sustainable farming and fishing, as well as new efforts to cultivate organic dairy, meat, and plant products.  


North America (2013)

Discovery Channel North America (2013) All Bluray Version
Thiên nhiên hoang dã Bắc Mỹ

Sweeping across some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet, North America takes viewers from the silent grandeur of lofty snowcapped peaks to fertile forests and dramatic windswept coasts. The continent's unique geography creates some of the most extreme weather on the planet. Wild animals living in these astonishing and sometimes brutal habitats must be fiercely resilient sharing that human spirit the continent is known for. From jaguars to spinner sharks, wolves that fish to wolverines high in the mountains, this is North America. 

7 Bộ Phim Tài Liệu Quân Sự Mỹ

7 Bộ Phim Tài Liệu Quân Sự Mỹ Về Máy Bay, Tàu Chiến, Xe Tăng 

Unesco The World Heritage Special

Panasonic Presents 
The World Heritage Special
1080i HDTV KhoHD

Vietnam in HD (2011)

Cuộc Chiến Tranh Tại Việt Nam
Bluray ISO - 1080p - 720p - mHD
Trọn Bộ 3 tập - Phụ Đề Việt Ngữ